Road trip anyone?

You’ve probably seen multiple viral videos of people floating on a lake (that isn’t in Alberta, or even Canada) while watching Jaws, and thought “DANG, I would LOVE to do that!”




Well now’s your chance! Sylvan Lake will be screening the movie on August 6th while you float in the lake!




The screening will be at 9:30PM at Lakefront Park. Joanne Gaudet, communications coordinator with the Town of Sylvan Lake said:

“There is some media post out there on the internet of people floating on the lake and the movie Jaws is playing. Every year we get people requesting we do this. This year alone we’ve already have five or six requests.”

So grab your swim suit and floaties and head to Sylvan Lake for the screening on the water!! Orrrrr watch from shore if you’re too scared.




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