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Smoked Brisket


WARNING: this is not for beginners! It takes many attempts and of course trials to make brisket and in fact find what spices or method’s work for your equipment.


First  trim some fat off the brisket and let it get to room temp..


Now rub…. I know there is mustard, spicy, sweet …on and on but trust me I found the most important taste to come from a piece of beef…is just that beef!!!


So what Im about to say may seem crazy….the rub….salt and pepper! That’s it trust me!!


Take equal parts of kosher salt and ground fresh…please fresh ground yourself pepper!


Sprinkle good and even but don’t pack it on like you would pork….that meat needs flavor! On brisket you just sprinkle generously but not thick. Just pat so it sticks not rub in


Now you could do this with smoke packs ..on a conventional bbq in tin foil packs mix half wet chips half dry in middle of doubled tinfoil and make into packs poke many holes with fork .

Now the problem with a bbq is a brisket has to cook depending on size 8 to 14 hours…it’s a day of meat love hahahaha.

So you will be making a lot of smoke packs …but it can be done… smoke packs over the flame ….meat over the portion of the bbq burner that is not lit…hence convection heat


Now for pellet or puck smokers its much easiler…however I’ve learned with pucks the smoke is not like a real fire so I only smoke it for half or even less of the cooking time in smoker…then move to bbq in direct heat put meat over half bqq and and use burners not under the heat …and for a pellet cooker never had one you decide …


Now I’m lucky I have a stick burner it’s a barrel cooker with fire box on the side..if you can get one …good lord ! it’s the way it is meant to be !! like they have been doing in the south for centuries !


Note some tricks…I spray the meat for the first 4 or 5 hours with beef broth …get the temp to be a constant 250 to 275 ..again depending on size get that thing on early because its going for up to 12 hours..

Half way through I wrap it in foil and that allows the moister to stay in….

Best rule is get a good thermometer at 190 Fahrenheit.  I know it’s a crazy thing to say but don’t over cook it …it will fall apart you don’t what that…   it should slice and be tender but hold its own weight and pull easily apart!


When it reaches temp…let rest for at least 45 mins….and cut against grain… if you didn’t how, cut the brisket in half where the larger end meets the thinner end cut because the grains are in different directions … after you cut the fat end of turn it clockwise a quarter turn then cut… enjoy any questions feel free to call on my morning show or text 780 539 9797 please let me know how it goes !!!!




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