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That’s right…this is an instant pot recipe. My advice: get one it will change your life!


This is a take on a Korean pork


Get a pork shoulder or pork butt, cut into rib size chunks and marinate overnight in any Korean store bought marinade (Superstore has best selection in town). Add fresh table spoons of ginger, a cup of finely chopped up lemon grass, and about a quarter cup of fish sauce. Leave overnight in fridge


In instant pot choose stew meat setting it automatically sets for 35 min. You won’t believe it when you let it cool you’d think it had been in oven for 6 hours!


Next step: let meat cool at least to room temp or use next day leave in fridge. Save marinade sauce from cooking.


Then make coconut rice (again if you have an instant pot use it, best rice you will ever have)



When rice is ready get a smoking hot pan ready. Take pork with a few table spoons of pre-cooked pork and get a good char on it. Add a few table spoons of the maranade you saved, heat just till you get a glaze going on the pork…


Serve on rice with fresh chopped green onions …boom !




Congratulations to Megan Morgan for winning in February with this recipe!


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