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Try it, you won’t believe it!


First, make some meat balls. I usually go half ground beef or buffalo with half ground pork…the fat from pork makes meatballs juicy and delicious!

Don’t use turkey or chicken, because I don’t like it…oh ok you could but if you ask me its always dry!!!

Spice raw meat how you like. I suggest grated onion and salt and pepper its enough because of the taste from jelly sauce. Add egg to bind.

Bake or fry meatballs your choice as long as you get them crisp. Under-cook a bit because they will continue to cook in sauce.




All you do is take a jar of Welch’s grape jelly and the same size jar of Heinz chili sauce ..combine in a large pot over medium heat…when it becomes a sauce put in meat balls and let simmer for a half hour to an hour.

Serve over a bed of rice. Your kids will love it too! Mine did!!!




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