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Lasagna 2 Point Oh!!!!!


OK …  simple recipe…but fun…. It’s a twist on traditional lasagna


However you replace the noodles with 2 different kinds of ravioli !!!!!


So make your own sause… or canned its up to you ..I like a little ground Italian sausage in mine..do what you like..


Now only partly boil your ravioli because its going in the oven after. …  I always guy the stuff at Costco…usually the mushroom one..then the ricotta ..unless you just use a tomato sauce instead of a meat sause…then I’d go with meat in the ravioli


So first sause on bottom of baking dish…then nicely layer on of the ravioli…then the next layer is ricotta cheese…a large one litre tub.. but add to it about a cup of grated parmesan, chopped fresh basil, and pepper .. spread evenly. The next layer is the other flavor of ravioli then all remaining sause on top with grated mozzarella cheese and a bit more parmesan!!! Put loose tin foil on top…bake at 350°F for about 45min then take off tin foil and cook until cheese is nice and brown… let cool for at least a half hour. The more the better so when you cut into it…it stays firm and looks like something in a magazine!!!


Bono Petito!!!!


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