We have two great giveaways every morning this week. If you haven’t heard, the Home Hardware Canada Cup is coming to Revolution Place next week and we have a load of tickets to various draws. So, Kevin and I are playing a little phone curling for the tickets. We will take 1 caller, and then a 2nd. The first caller must hang up and then call back within 4 callers to claim the prize back, if not, then it goes to caller 2. So far, the first guy is 1-1 this week.

The second prize is beating the box office on a pair of tickets to see Disturbed and Saint Asonia with Age of Days live at the EnCana Events Centre February 19th. That’s a Friday night, and a show a lot of people have been waiting some time to see. For those tickets, you’ll have know the difference between a Marilyn Monroe quote, or Rock n Roll lyrics. Surprisingly, not as easy as it sounds.

This number could win you sick prizes 780 539 9797 and so could our ROCKSTAR VIP club (top right).