IPAs, pilsners, and ales galore!

If you’re planning to head down to the Calgary Stampede this year, get ready for ALL the local Alberta beer!




The Calgary Stampede and Alberta Small Brewers Association announced the news last weekend on the Stampede’s websiteThe Big Four Station on Stampede Park is where you can find the many delicious, beautiful Alberta beers that taste like mountains and blue skies (and if it’s from GP, probably potholes).




Terry Rock, Executive Director of Alberta Small Brewers Association says

“The creative, innovative and collaborative approaches taken by Alberta small brewers have created award-winning craft beers that use world-class Alberta-grown ingredients. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share the story of this signature Alberta industry by showcasing our beer with guests to the Calgary Stampede’s Big Four Station.”

So whip out those stretchy pants and get your beer belly on this year at the Calgary Stampede! And your very best flannel shirt, of course.





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