All of my “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” fans will get the title reference… 😉

Hello again! Happy hump day/ Tim Hortons annual Camp day!

Tim Horton’s Camp Day was another success and we couldn’t be more happy to have been a part of it! I am still hyped from the few hours Nolan and I spent with the amazing staff at the South 40 Tim Horton’s! I was also able to FINALLY show off the ROCK WRANGLER all dressed up and we at ROCK couldn’t be happier with the work the wonderful staff at S.O.S. Graphics had come up with. Seriously.. I’ve been in awe since I picked it up.

The 97 Days of Summer is busier everyday – I spent my Saturday morning at Chautauqua day in Sexsmith Celebrating that fine community and classic car. Sunday, with Swan City Rotary raising funds for our thriving community with the Subway 5 million dollar shoot out brought to us by The United Way and The Swan City Rotary. Did you know Swan City Rotary helps support 60 organizations in our community? For more information and how to register go to

Nolan will be at hole 15 next Sunday June 10th for the final qualifying round and I will be returning on Thursday June 14th for the finals!

In last weeks blog I gave you all the details for Municipality Day(June 12) and Rock Downtown (June 16) but I hadn’t told you about the Prairie Coast Father’s Day Food Truck Frenzy on Friday June 15th!

I’ve been keeping this one for myself… thinking maybe I could eat all of the Peanut Butter Bacon Burgers from Lefty’s to myself. I bought one of the Peanut Butter Bacon Burgers at the The Stompede this weekend… needless to say I only got to eat half before 3 of my friends needed to “try” a bite then ate it all. Believe me… they’re actually delicious… don’t steal my burger, get your own. In the words of Joey Tribiani “CAITLIN DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!”


And then… Pride Family Carnival! Come one, Come all and bring the family to celebrate the diversity of our community! Something you might not know, is though our great country is diverse and accepting there are many which are not. My cousin, Erika and her wife, Nyree are avid travellers who have been very aware of the safety of travel as a same sex couple. A few years ago they were featured in an information website for LGBT travel safety. I’ve shared the link “here” – as great as we are as a nation we can always be better. Come support your neighbours, friends, family at the Pride Parade on June 16th from 10AM – 2 PM at the Eastlink Center where everyone is welcome.

That’s all the fun I’ll give you for now – until next week! To get te 97 Days of Summer Events Cruiser at your event go to to “submit your event”