That’s a wrap ya Hosers! The Canada day 151 celebrations, though wet and cold, were a great success once again. Fire works, free cake, live entertainment and a specially prepared Peanut butter Bacon burger from Lefty’s Cafe… I couldn’t have asked for better, Canada.. not even better weather.

Thank you for having a blast with me all long weekend! Hit up the Facebook page if you got a picture with the ROCK Wrangler. Hearing your kidlets scream “THAT’S CAITLIN!..” kinda totally melts my heart.. so thank you for being the amazing, warm hearted, welcoming, kind Canadians I am proud to be surrounded by.


I look forward to seeing you at The Ronald McDonald House Golf Tournament on July 13th and all of the fun events you’d like to have us attend!


I always do my best to leave some teasers without giving too much away… all I can say for now is… LIVE MUSIC and how wicked this summer and fall line up is turning out to be.

Check out the events page to see what we have coming to the peace country… your girl is still SHOOK with excitement.