I’ll do my best to summarize this past weekend’s festival…

The Northbloods stole the show while Rura stole our hearts before Colin James slayed the stage to kick start the 3rd Annual Bear Creek Folk Music Festival!

Saturday, the performers took the opportunity to nail together some work shops and collaborations, sign some merchandise and share the stage with one another until a Canadian favourite, City and Colour, took the stage. I may have caught The Northbloods tearing up a little while they sang to the tune of Dallas’ guitar, haha!

Sunday’s Festivities would be no different as we tied up the weekend festival with a few more kitchen parties, an outdoor yoga session and a crowd pumping performance by Michael Franti and The Spearheads right before a grande ole Grande Prairie finale with Volunteers and performers on stage singing farewell.

This festival was everything we hoped it could be and more with multiple stages bringing multiple twists of folk from roots to rock from around the world. As always, I like to keep my blogs short so instead of expecting you to read a long post about how unforgettable The Bear Creek Folk Festival was.. I will leave you with pictures and remind you to follow along our Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all of the 97.7 ROCK Wrangler’s adventures.



One another note; Friday afternoon right after Wapiti Road Shell, I joined the flood sale over at Prairie Gold Jewellery! The entire store at the new location in the South 40 Plaza is 46% 54% off until the end of the month… yup… you’ve read that right. So go.. like NOW! Michelle and Barry even gave away 3 sterling silver chains while I was there!


Coming up this week;


Friday; Wapiti Shell from NOON – 1 before I devour all the donuts and burgers I can at the Food Truck Frenzy out front of Montrose Cultural Center!

Saturday; Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop Anniversary celebration! We will be having a draw to give away free haircuts for a yr (limit of 12) and door prizes!

Sunday; Sunday’s are always great days for the track! Join the NPBRA at the Pat’s Auto Supply Motorsports Park on Saturday/Sunday for a 1/4 mile street car challenge.


Until next time.. see you next time!