Van Halen is certainly one of the most enduring rock bands ever. Their music is loved far and wide by people of every background. Here are 6 interesting facts about the band you might not know about.


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1) Eddie would use the exact same power drill at shows that he used to make the into to the song ‘Poundcake’.



2) The band always put in their contract that they required M&Ms backstage with all the brown ones removed. This was their way of testing the promoters. If they saw brown M&Ms, they knew there would be problems with the show.



3) David Lee Roth played himself in a 2004 episode of The Sopranos. 




4) Michael Anthony makes hot sauce. It’s called Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce.




5) Eddie Van Halen began on the drums but switched to guitar after finding out that his brother enjoyed playing drums.



6) Eddie and Alex’s dad was a really good clarinet player.



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Thinking of my Dad on Father’s Day and how much fun Alex and I had recording with him! #fathersday

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