Unless you have this wicked summer cold going around (what’s with that anyways) than you have no excuses not to get out and have a great weekend. There’s certainly enough going on.

World Jet Boat Racing Championship starts this morning at O’Brien Park. Racers and boats will be flying up the Wapiti River to the gardens, and then back towards O’Brien around 1pm. Check out some more info HERE

Street Performer’s Festival is back this weekend! All the action is happening downtown Grande Prairie, starting today at 430. Streets will be blocked off for the Festival. You’re encouraged to bring tips for the performers and for food… but please leave your pets at home. FULL SKED HERE

Also, if racing is in your blood, then hit the Street Legal Shoot out at the Beaverlodge Airport on Saturday. Here’s what you need to know for that

Plus there’s a patio party at the Den Pub and Carvery today, and you have a chance to win a hot tub by the end of the Summer.

If you’re sick, get some soup and watch out the window at all the fun we’re having.