Currently dying from second hand embarrassment.

Jerry Seinfeld does not “do” hugs. Everyone should know this. The guy played HIMSELF in a TV show, for goodness sake!




But clearly, pop star Kesha didn’t get the memo. On the red carpet of the David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song, Kesha ran up to Seinfeld (like any mortal would do) and eagerly said “I’M KESHA, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” which he very calmly responded, “Oh, thanks.” And well… The rest is sort of history now.


THREE TIMES she asks for a hug, but Seinfeld is not having ANY of it. He actually backs off like he’s afraid of her!




Does anyone else think this is cut right from one of the Seinfeld scripts? I can only imagine how it would go:

“She tried to HUG ME GEORGE! She asked for a “little” hug! Hugs CAN’T BE LITTLE!”





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